Welcome To The 30A Beach Bonfire Company

The 30A Beach Bonfire Company offers Beach Bonfire Setup in Santa Rosa Beach along 30A.

Because of this opportunity to have such a unique experience, clients can now call and book a beach bonfire and have superior service. Since the county has certain requirements, many clients choose to hire us to do the fires. All you have to do is call and book your date, location, time, and package of choice and everything will be handled for you. We follow all county ordinances. We set up your package of choice so that your fire is blazing and ready to go when you arrive to the beach.

The 30A Beach Bonfire Company

We really appreciate our customers, and hope you will choose us for your beach bonfires needs. We always try to do our best to take care of our customers and honor our word. We are locals to the area, and have been in business for almost ten year. This business supports our family. Thank you for considering us!

Our setup:

All of our equipment is used only for beach bonfires. We do not use our chairs for beach service (daily beach chair rentals). This helps keep the chairs clean and in good shape, by avoiding sweat and tanning lotion/sunblock from being on our chairs.


All equipment is washed/disinfected at the end of each session.

The 30A Beach Bonfire Company Packages and Pricing

We Offer two packages. Choose what you want and also we add some extra thing. Check it details below.

Package A


Package B


Extras that may be added onto your fire:

Smores and roasting sticks $30.00

Cooler with ice and waters $30.00

Extra hour of wood/ extra hour of bonfire time $75.00

Extra tiki torches $10.00 (each)

If You’d Like Some Recommendations For Other Services We Would Be Glad To Help You.


We Do Not Charge For These Services And Take A Profit From It. Ultimately We Just Want To Help Out Our Customers So They Have A Nice Vacation


If You’d Like To Know Where To Get Some Food Before Your Fire, Or Who To Call For Beach Photography, Just Ask While We Are Taking Your Booking. We Will Be Glad To Let You Know Where To Go Or Who To Call For Something Like This.


We Also Own A Few Other Businesses In The Area, So Golf Cart Rental If You Need A Golf Cart, Boat Rental, Kayak Rental, Or Paddle Board Rental, Please Let Us Know! We Will Be Happy To Get One Delivered To You.

Areas that we serve

We offer beach bonfires along scenic highway 30A, in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We also serve a small part of Panama City Beach that is located on 30A or Inlet Beach area. And sometimes, we offer some locations in the Destin/Miramar beach area.


Check our FAQs to get all of your bonfire questions answered.

No, it is not. The breeze off of the ocean, mixed with the evening temperatures makes for a wonderful evening. Also, we do not place our chairs too close to the fire pit.

We offer a location that is as close to your rental home as possible. The county has many beach accesses, and we try to reserve a spot near your location, when possible.

We offer another day within a 7 day time frame. We recommend booking earlier in the week of your stay, so that if it rains, we can move the fire to a later date and time.

Not necessarily. If we must reschedule a customers fire, due to inclement weather, we cannot guarantee a beach access will have availability for us to purchase a bonfire permit with the county. This is one area that our hands are tied. For each beach fire that we do, we must gain county approval, before purchasing the permit. Sometimes beach accesses become booked.


Also as far as timing goes, if we must reschedule a customers fire to a later date, we are placing them in between other fires that we have booked. Example: If a customer books a fire for Monday night at 7pm, and we must reschedule their fire, the customer may end up having a fire at 6 pm on the next day that they choose for the reschedule. This is because we are working around other customers who booked fires on other days.


We ask customers to remain flexible when taking their booking, because of weather purposes.

The only extra fees customers may see, is if we must reschedule. Beach fire permits are non refundable with the county, so if we must reschedule, the county requires us to purchase a new permit.


Permit costs are included in your beach fire cost. We purchase this permit as soon as the county gives approval. However if we purchase a permit, and we must reschedule due to inclement weather, we must charge the customer for a new permit which is $105.00. This is something that is a county fee, and not a fee from our company. We charge the customer, if we must purchase a new permit to pay the county.